5 myths related to the use of Sunscreen, which need to be broken from today itself

Whether you are at home or away from home, sunscreen gives you the protection you need. But do you also believe these myths related to sunscreen?

You must have read many places about the benefits of sunscreen. How important sunscreen is for skin care can only be understood by those who use it regularly. Sunscreen protects our skin from damage. If you are also one of those in whose life sunscreen is an important part of your life, then you too must be in awe of the misconceptions associated with it.

However, there are many things related to sunscreen, about which it is difficult to guess whether those things are true or not.

If you also use sunscreen, then it is very important for you to be aware of the basics related to it. So today, through this special article, let us know about such things related to sunscreen, about which you have a misunderstanding.


Let’s break some myths related to sunscreen

1 The higher the SPF, the better

Most women think that the higher the SPF in their sunscreen, the better their sunscreen will be. According to research, the moisture of the sun starts to eliminate the compounding properties of sunscreen.

Therefore, regardless of the SPF level of the sunscreen, you can use sunscreen. You can use sunscreen every two hours for better results.

2 Vitamin D levels are affected

Vitamin D is also known as sunshine. Which is very beneficial for bone health. This reduces the problem of sunburn. Some people end up using a significant amount of sunscreen to block UVB.

However, for vitamin D, the effect of sunscreen is not significant at all. If you have fear about the same thing in your mind, then you should consume foods like salmon, oats, milk, orange juice. Due to which the level of Vitamin D in your skin will also increase.

3 Car windows can protect from the sun

Usually the glass on the car window is laminated. Due to which UVB and UVA are stopped. According to research, exposure to the sun on the face and left side of your body while driving increases the chances of getting skin cancer. If you stay in the car for a long time, wear full-sleeved clothes. Also make sure to use sunscreen.

4 Homemade sunscreen

However, many types of sunscreens can be prepared from household ingredients. There are many types of ingredients to make sunscreen, which are not easily available. The right advice for you would be not to make sunscreen at home.

Choose a sunscreen that absorbs well into the skin and does not cause irritation. Whenever you choose a sunscreen, always consult an expert.

5 Waterproof Sunscreen

Sunscreen is waterproof or if you say sweat will not affect it, then this is your biggest misunderstanding. According to research, no sunscreen can be completely waterproof.

If you get wet for some reason, you should reapply sunscreen. Because sunscreen takes at least 15 to 20 minutes to get absorbed into the skin.

These are some of the misconceptions related to sunscreen that can be common to any of us. Hopefully, after reading this article of ours, to some extent, your misconceptions related to sunscreen have been cleared.

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